Titanfall 2 Smart Pistol Template tutorial

There are ENDLESS cool things out in the world. Fandoms galore. In the creator space we have all the inspiration we could ever dream of! Where to start?! Well let’s work together to clear that up with some techniques we use to turn awesome images into templates we can use to craft our favorites into reality!

You’ll be able to download working files on our Patreon Page when you become a part of the “Advocate” Teir!


1.) Reference               

To start off this tutorial we need to talk about getting good references. This is imperative to creating a great template and planning your build. For this tutorial we are going to create a to scale (ish.. I’ll explain further on in “Sizing”) Titanfall 2 Smart Pistol. The methods we are going to use here can apply to several builds, and can act as a great base as you develop your skills and begin to add layers of complexity to your builds.

2.) The Search               

Now, the search. If you’re like 99.999999% of the rest of us, you’re going to hit the same source of knowledge… Google. Obviously if you have an inside track or other resources to use, use them!. What you are really looking for is the largest, most side on (orthographic) view you can find. We lucked out and found two great images. One even had multiple angles and clear details that will help with paint and details in the build.

3.) The Software               

This is a slippery slope. We are currently using Adobe Illustrator CC. Certainly an industry favorite, but not always available to everyone. Adobe has done a great job in making it more and more affordable to get your hands on the most recent versions. Recently they have even made Adobe Creative Suite 2 available for free. It has every tool we used to create our template and is great to have on hand as you are learning. You can download your own CS2 copy here. Note there are SEVERAL free, and low cost tools out there and you should explore your options as you expand your skill sets.

4.) It Begins!              

Here we have a cropped image of our Titanfall 2 Smart Pistol. Out of what we found this best suits our needs. There is clear definition of details and it is dead on orthographically. We’ll use this as our base to begin creating elements that help plan how we will build our prop.

5.) Defining the base Structure              

The first thing to do is identify the core support or main body of your piece. Originally we had included the barrel, however it has a unique flare and shielding that we want to build up and carve details into free of the rest of the body. You’ll notice we are using high contrast colors in our process. This helps keep our elements clear from one another and our reference image.

6.) Add-on Elements              

In our next step, we have identified components that we are going to build off the prop and attach later. Some of the requirements to separate these pieces are details that do not flow with the gun (a tac light in this case) or the barrel in this case. We are going to want to bulk up and carve details into.

7.) Raised Elements             

Grips typically have raised elements. These will be built up by sheets of craft foam in the build process.

8.) Carved Elements             

We noted areas that we will need to carve our foam to create detail. This kind of detail helps sell the final piece by adding natural shading and visual depth. We’ll do this detail with a dremel. Really any high speed rotary tool will work.

9.) Screws and Bolts            

This piece has some interesting rivet like bolt and screw holes. We mark them all so they transfer over with the template.

10.) Inserted Elements            

Here we identify elements of the piece that would be best added as small details. Similar to Add On elements, however these are triggers, chambers, and other moving pieces that would naturally have some spacing around their edges. It also allows the use of other material types for triggers to increase durability and realism.

11.) Full Template            

And here it is! A full color template that has identified all your major components and a great base for kicking off your prop! However, before we are done, we’ll need to make sure we have a nice line drawing for cutting.

12.) Line Drawing            

A little extra work and we now have a clean line drawing of our Titanfall 2 weapon. We’ll get this printed and ready for our next steps of getting this into foam!

Wrap Up

I hope this helps all of you out in your quest to make the awesome. Feel free to take these ideas to your workspace and form them into what works for you! We will be continuing this build into foam for the next steps, review our cut-out and mounting of the template to our foam billets, and start cutting out full pieces for carving and assembly!

If you’re interested in working files, you can download them when you become an Advocate on our Patreon Page! We are excited to bring more content to you!


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