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So, ok. Seemingly on a random whim appears the #5amChallenge from #Project6068. Why? How long? Who’s freaking idea!? All valid, and answerable questions I assure you. First let’s look at the normality that I have come to know. In a current time table:
The previous model
6:45am: After 45 minuets of hammering a snooze button, I rise blurry eyed and clouded from the previous day only to hurriedly get ready for another one and look longingly into the lab as I walk by to my car.
7:40am….ISH: I lumber into the day job wondering what I’ll achieve scrambling through my head looking for the caffeine it so craves
11:30am: A quick lunch to disconnect from a very connected morning while I daydream of working in #TheLab that so fills me more with a sense of worth then any corporate gig.
5:05pm: An excited dash home to feed the family, and scratch for 30 minutes or so to tweak an project in the lab.
9:28pm: WHAT!? Where the hell did 6,7, & 8 go!? Work to get everyone to bed, and on the rare occasion sneak out to the lab to get a few things done on Project6068.
11:31pm or 12:12am or 2:03am or ?: GAH! Fine! Throw in the towel on what I am working on and try to get some sleep.
Whenever am – 3:11am: Toss and turn as ideas race through my mind and the infinite what if’s that kick up dust.
3:12am – 6:01: ACTUALLY SLEEP, only to realize that the dream I am having of the lab burning down is really my alarm desperately trying to wake me up.
6:01:30am: MASH Snooze.
9 minute intervals until 6:44am: Wonder what I would have to do to skip the day, MASH SNOOZE, postulate some absurd scenario that the project is fully funded, wonder how long I can push the snooze before my alarm just packs it’s bags and leaves.
6:45am: REPEAT

This effectively sums up my day to day schedule. A rat race between fulfilling the financial requirements of responsibility, family, and a passion to create something bigger. Each one no less crucial than the other. Each one with it’s own vision of how today should unfold. Each one with a desire for more.
So what do we do next? The shambles of a schedule above is unstable at best, and leaves the heart of passion at the end of the day, when I am exhausted and packed with the residual emotions of the day. It’s no other part of my life’s fault, however requires some rectification as time feels like it’s slipping away.
Enter the #5amChallenge! I KNOW I KNOW!! 5AM EWWW, but c’mon hear me out!
In a particular long standing strategy of mine, let’s flip this model on it’s head, quite literally! What if we lead our day with our passions? Stop putting them last and “if time allows” and actually put where our drive is, first? Crazy I know! Actually tending to the heartstrings that fulfill a sense of need above earning a paycheck from companies that ultimately are out to take care of themselves over us.
So in the spirit of rebellious creativity I have accepted my own challenge, and offer the same to you! Stop putting yourself behind everything else and become your greatest advocate! Start the day with what you love, and see the change! Carry the emotional baggage of your passions through the day instead of the remnants of the mundane and it’s baggage through your dreams. You’ll thank yourself for it.
In just the few days of pushing myself to start my day with #Project6068, even though only a little over an hour of working time, the effect on the rest of my day is profound. So join me, even if only a few times a week, in putting dreams first in your day. Before the world stirs. Before the sun cracks the horizon. Before you have to think about what everything wants you to do before you tend to yourself. Selfish? Hardly. Without a clear compass and a strong sense of self we cannot become the greatness we were intended for. I’ll see you all @ 5am!.

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