The Lab has been working relentlessly on #Project6068. You’ve most likely run across the project on Twitter, FaceBook, or Instagram in the barrage of posts and ramblings of a #MadMan. By this point the #MasterMind and I hope to have your interest piqued. Welcome, and may you find a source of inspiration from our efforts, and a piece of your childhood you may have forgotten.

Shreds of PVC flying through the air, spires of steel and aluminum, foams sanded to shape, and the smell of machines, paints, and glues filling the air. All of this not by accident. For months we toiled over plans, details, and known limitations. Then we shifted to sketches, clay models, scaled prototypes.

Now, suspended from the ceiling of a half converted garage, #TheLab, hangs a full scaled prototype of a child hood dream. A dream rekindled into a project of much larger proportions. Share our efforts, findings, and newly learned skills with the world.

All the fancy feelings aside. I set out on a mission so lets get to it! Every Friday we’ll launch a new blog. Cover topics that explain design decisions, mechanical functionality, and questions that you have!

Get out there and create #LabRats! Together we have a world to create!


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