"Creating is the core of ingenuity"


A place, a shelter, an idea that houses the core of all that necessity mothers, ingenuity. An unawoken dream of childhood excitement, wonder, opportunity, and clarity lives within us all. Here, today, now, #TheLab dusts off a rusted tin box where inside, safely tucked away, are the memories of spaceships, kingdoms, robots, princesses, superheros, dragons, time travel, tea parties, magic, adventure, fairy tales, pageants, simply put… You, them, us. We are the experiment, the reason, the ones that need a cure. The #LabRats are done passing on what puts butterflies in our gut, rejuvenates our soul, and fills our hearts with joy. We are the hidden change our world, our selves, and our children need. We will no longer sit on the sidelines. We will create a world that children can breathe their wildest dreams, and we can open our own tin boxes. This is where the fantastic begins as we are,



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