The Lab is a space to create the fantastic. That space is different for everyone, but for us it is a sectioned of garage space filled with tools, materials, and ideas. A place where we go to reveal the ideas rattling around in our head, without fear of criticism, and with the respect of our own desire to be heard. The Lab is the where ideas take to the physical, and it is where #Project6068 has begun to take form.



Posed ominously at the center of #TheLab. A 10 foot, 300lb mechanical suit, in mid build, chocked full of surprises hangs from the ceiling. Cardboard clings to the skeletal section where designs have not been finalized. Segments of the skeleton still PVC holder pieces in anticipation of funding for aluminum. Cast to the side a mound forms from denied and rejected pieces in the evolution of it’s design. The air is filled with the days random Spotify station, a whirring belt sander, and rustling of raw materials. Hands, big and small, busy tooling and toiling away, crafting the next piece to a much larger puzzle.

This is the scene that surrounds our labor of love, #Project6068. An adventure into a wide variety of unknowns. Engineering, foam smithing, prototyping circuitry, and shenanigans swirling around a couple of dreamers. Now, set in the middle, we build ourselves into something greater. We build ourselves into stronger creatives and bolder thinkers. We build ourselves into a giant robot, #Project6068.


The Purpose

TO DO SOMETHING AWESOME! O, and to share our enthusiasm of creating with the world! To break every mold that we are put in and demonstrate that success is still buried in the garage (desk, coffee table, floor) of those that dare to chip away at it. To show everyone that it’s crazier to write off childhood dreams, then it is to chase them down.

What can you expect? You can expect documentation on the following mediums:
❖ Various foam sculpting
❖ Clay mediums
❖ Painting techniques
❖ Light metal working
❖ Programming
❖ Circuitry
❖ Planning and design techniques
❖ Safety
Once we have completed the project, we will take it to our first public venue (already secured by the gracious SoDak Con) to display our creation that you helped us build. From there we take to open forums, discussion panels, and other various public events to spread the inspiration and excitement of an average guy and his son have created.

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The Crew

The #MasterMind

The #MasterMind

The Genius behind the plot. Pulling ideas and dreams from his direct tap into the unknown. This very vision is what fuels #TheLab and #Project6068. Wisps of wonder and excitement swirl through the air as he casts his magic. Beware his next creative spell, it’s bound to leave you in wonder.

The #MadMan

The #MadMan

A pile of sanity mounded up at his feat. The #MadMan stands as the gate keeper, guard, and executer of the #MasterMind’s vision. With years of experience in countless creative rolls he forges into reality, the fantastic.

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